How I diagnosed kidney failure (CKD)

Hey, this is me! A young, ambitious, 29 years old (I can call myself young, can I?) fellow who can not ask for a happier day after a Kidney transplant.

Yes, I am among the few luckier people who got a kidney transplant. Today I am going to share my kidney transplant journey. Let’s dive into that.

If I have to recall those days then I would like to start with many Post graduation days.

After wasting my prime time doing something that I never got interested in, it was the time when I was doing something that I really love, which is pursuing an MBA in Marketing. I have been an ambitious person. Coming from a lower-middle-class family, Education is the only escape route of poverty.

I was in MBA school and doing my full-time job as well. I was doing a technical sales executive job at one of the Auxiliary Marketing companies. Handling both MBA and job was quite tough but I was enjoying every bit of my life.

Then comes a day. I can very well recall, it was saturday-september 2018, when a bunch of my school friends came to my place to have a get together. We enjoyed it a lot that night. Luckily that night the rain was falling and the atmosphere became pleasant. We had dinner, played cards, and went on a long bike ride to have ice cream. It was utmost 1:30 we are wet and enjoying life.

The next day, my friends went back to their homes and I took great rest as I came from a 1-week long training session from my company headquarters.

Monday, as always, I attended morning classes for statistics and then went to my job. I felt very fatigued and I wasn’t feeling like going to a customer meeting. Being into field sales, we had the privilege of dealing with customer visits. So I just do that.

Tuesday, I woke up with heavy fatigue, went to my class. As the day progressed it was 12:30 PM I felt like I was having a fever. I took a day off from the job and went to my place and slept. However, due to continuous cramps in my leg, it wasn’t easy for me to sleep for longer hours. I call my roommate and ask him to bring me to some physician.

It was around 2:15 PM, and the doctors were on afternoon rest. The doctor’s wife told us to come after 4 PM. I was okay with coming back at 4, but seeing the severity, my roommate told the doctor’s wife, it is an emergency and we are not familiar with the city (of course he was lying). The doctor prescribed some medicine for me, I took that and went to sleep for a couple of hours. Then I realized, I need more rest. that training at company headquarters was quite tough and so I have to re-energies myself)

At 5 PM or roundabouts, I went to my engle aunt’s home. She was the only blood relative residing in the city I worked in

I stayed at my aunt’s home for a couple of days. Fever gets under control, however, I was feeling cramps often.

It’s Thursday afternoon, I went to class, at about 1PM I was experiencing fever again, I was feeling worse. I asked my room partner to bring me to our home. He was busy, he asked our common friend to get home. I reached home, tried to sleep but couldn’t do that for more than 30 mins. I kept experiencing Cramps, I called my father to get an evening appointment with our family doctor. But it is hard for me to drive my motorcycle till 80km (My home is 80 away). I thought about taking help from one of my friends who is also working in the city. Although he works till 6 PM, I drove to his office by 5:30 as I couldn’t tolerate the cramps.

We started the journey at about 6:15 PM, he started driving my bike (motorcycle). After passing 3-4 km I couldn’t sit on the backside. I decided to drive my bike myself.

Somehow, we reached the hospital where my father was waiting for us. We consulted the Doctor. He initially said the cramps may be due to a lack of red blood cells. But as he measured blood pressure (it was about 154 systolic blood pressure), he was confused and said “You have high blood pressure this could be due to the fever and the medicine you have taken. I am not starting the regular medicine for blood pressure.” he prescribed some of the medicines for red blood cells and asked me to revisit after 3 days.

I was nervous about taking regular blood pressure medicine (as I somehow believed I will definitely going to have hypertension). I thought my life is fucked up because if I get hypertension, I have to roam around by bringing medicines all the time. Furthermore, I could eat that spicy food.

We went home. Took 1 hrs of sleep and then suddenly I was experiencing it again. All my family members were worried. Cramps continued all night. I was waiting for morning to come and go to the hospital so that I can be free from these annoying cramps. We reached the Hospital, get an Appointment early (as it was kind of an emergency). Dr. prescribe the CBC and urine test.

I was feeling relatively fine. The result of the CBC and urine routine came. Dr. prescribed a few more tests related to kidney function and Ultrasound tests. I thought I was fucked up. I ask my cousin to come to the hospital for support. I was nervous. I gave a urine and blood sample again and then went for an ultrasound test.

Result of both tests was prepared and sent to the Doctor’s office. The receptionist came towards us and asked my father to meet the Doctor alone. I thought something fucked happened to my kidney. As I was googling so many things and searched about the pathology and ultrasound test (Why they required). One receptionist came to me and told me to meet the doctor. Dr told me that your kidney is shrunk and we need to consult a specialist.I was worried about my father. How he will manage all these things. I was feeling guilty for not giving him some happy time. My father was a worker who spent all his wealth and life to provide facilities to his children (for the record we are three children. I was the youngest one and I have two older sisters).

We went to the nephrologist. She was amongst the wellknown nephrologists of the city but her clinic was possibly the dirtiest one I have ever seen. She prescribed the blood test again. My father cracked the joke( one doctor prescribes the medicine for the increasing red blood cells and another doctor just pricking just like that) I know it wasn’t at the right time. Results came within 1 hrs and I diagnosed the CKD.

Let’s continue to the next blog….

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